Christa Stephens is a contemporary abstract artist from New Mexico who uses elemental shapes and patterns to explore context and relativity. Inspired by natural geometry and modern architecture, she creates explicitly structured works that present familiar images in unusual sequences. These compositions are frameworks for examining alternate viewpoints and challenging preconceptions.

Christa has been a musician all her life and her creative process is rooted in the theory and practice of music. She’s intrigued by the way visual media can be used to interpret musical structures and tonalities, and often uses musical language when describing her methodology.

With a focus on imagination and synesthetic experimentation, she investigates the confluence of form, resonance and rhythm with graphic configurations. Originally from Portales, New Mexico, Christa has lived in several iconic cities in the US, including Washington DC, Los Angeles, and NYC. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in music, she worked as a musician for many years while pursuing formal and non-formal studies in fine art and graphic design. She now resides in Santa Fe, NM, where she is further inspired by rustic landscapes, radiant sunsets, and archaic structures intermingled with modern perspectives. Her work has been exhibited internationally and is included in private collections in the US and the UK.